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When the duck speaks

At the end of the recent Nestlé Responsible Sourcing Studio in Thailand, I asked the nine Responsible Sourcing team members a simple question: “What did you learn about your duck this week?” For the uninitiated, it seems an odd question – your duck? For those nine Nestlé colleagues, it meant a great deal. It was an invitation to share something about their soul.

Speaking of Cooperation: Welcome the HCS Approach Toolkit!

Further to my post yesterday about the need for more cooperation, here’s a wonderful example of what’s possible when a diversity of folk get together....Cooperation isn’t easy and there are disagreements, gritted teeth and pragmatic compromises required but now that these folk are sitting at the same table...we’re taking great strides forward in tackling some really complex, wicked problems.

Past Post Highlights

I am in no way a prolific writer but among the increasing number of things I’ve written, I look back on a few posts and think, “Yep, I like that post, it’s who I am; it’s what I truly believe.”