Fighting Won't Save Us

Fighting underpins so much human interaction but despite it, other headlines tell us that climate change, with all its negative impacts and despite all the fighting, is upon us. Self-evidently, fighting isn’t working. Indeed, I think it’s a huge part of the problem. The big question for me is whether a different way could emerge, before it’s too late?

It's Christmas, time to emerge from my darkness

As we wallow, with everything in ruin, we must play, explore ideas and then we might start seeing things that we hadn’t realised. Patterns might form and perhaps only then might we find a path emerging out the other side, back to the surface, to happiness, to action that makes sense, freed from ego, regenerated in the darkness. Only then might we find the epiphany that there is a way to keep going.

Love in the time of a Greenpeace campaign

More beating, more shaming, more wars only create more brokenness in the world, more wastelands as people bunker down in their corners. We need to invite people into the light, to a place that's safe, beyond right and wrong as Rumi so beautifully put it, to the field where we might actually find a path to life.

Embarking on a Big Walk to help stop men dying too young

It would give me great strength and inspiration to know that you were walking with me. It doesn’t have to be far, just 100m, just around the block. If you want to go further, terrific!! As I walk each day, I would find great joy in seeing your comments here telling me about a walk you did that day. A lunchtime break with friends and colleagues, a morning or evening walk or run with family, friends or on your own.

Luca's Stories

Do you love the night because it is beautiful? Do you love the night because of the things you can see? Do you love the night because of how fun it is, or do you love the night because you are with me?