The Moral Imperative to go Carbon Zero

Company leaders striving to achieve new levels of “sustainability” could set themselves apart by going beyond carbon neutral. Technology is moving fast and the dream of being carbon neutral will soon be supplanted before it even gets off the ground. Serious companies can now do more. How does Carbon ZERO sound?

Stone Voices

In the deepest, darkest, mostly unseen recesses of global stone supply chains, some of the world’s poorest people are striving, with help from local NGOs, to educate their kids and improve their lives. So far, we in the West aren’t doing enough to help them.

On the Trail of the Sheesham Tree

I spent a magical afternoon with Krishan Rao, talking in his house before visiting some of his trees. I recorded a podcast, the second in the series from India after Stone Voices. I share it with you here so that you can learn more about Krishan and the tree planting project we do together.

Next Victim Please

Who are the hardy souls working to help people and plant trees in rural India?

Next Victim Please’ is the third and final podcast from my recent trip to India.

When the duck speaks

Recorded after a week in Thailand with the Nestlé Responsible Sourcing team, it features my friend and colleague Julien Troussier who joined me in sharing some Earthworm thinking with the Nestlé team. Here, the Nestlé team share what they learned about their duck during the week.