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Is purchasing eco-labelled products a concrete, accessible entry point for the average Joe?

I just can’t bring myself to advocate that consumers search for ecolabels. That just reinforces the status quo, business as usual approach that in my view urgently needs to change. The trouble I have with ecolabels is that some of them are OK, especially when done well. But they can also be highly misleading, promoting for example the idea of sustainability when workers are so disgustingly exploited.

Volkswagen’s ‘Independent’ Auditor Shame

Ask yourself this, “How many certifications does Volkswagen have? How many systems, procedures and document-mountains must the company use to produce its cars?” I’ve got a picture in my head of a lot of framed certificates hanging on many gilded walls. How many hundreds of millions, billions even, of dollars, euros, francs, pesos, etc. has the company paid auditors to check that all is OK?

The No Deforestation Blame Game

Couldn't we have a more mature dialogue between companies and NGOs, encouraged by the reporters that tell their stories, where we get as much information and data as we can before we jump to judgment? Where we take people at their word that they are in fact serious about implementing their policies based on their fundamental values and beliefs? If we can, we might stand a chance of getting the better of these massive, wicked problems.