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When the duck speaks

At the end of the recent Nestlé Responsible Sourcing Studio in Thailand, I asked the nine Responsible Sourcing team members a simple question: “What did you learn about your duck this week?” For the uninitiated, it seems an odd question – your duck? For those nine Nestlé colleagues, it meant a great deal. It was an invitation to share something about their soul.

People Planet Profit

A look at Nestlé’s Responsible Sourcing Studio in Thailand. Earthworm has shown us the power of working with people, those inside companies. What are their Values? What gets them out of bed in the morning? Why are they doing what they’re doing? So often we find that people have them, usually very strongly, but they’re so busy working that they don’t spend any time reflecting on them or asking themselves whether what they’re doing in their day is aligned.

Next Victim Please

What's your dream? What's your favourite colour? And why do so many TFT India people come from Maharashtra State? Learn more about the hardy souls working to help people and plant trees in rural India.

Stone Voices

In the deepest, darkest, mostly unseen recesses of global stone supply chains, some of the world’s poorest people are striving, with help from local NGOs, to educate their kids and improve their lives. So far, we in the West aren’t doing enough to help them.

Volkswagen’s ‘Independent’ Auditor Shame

Ask yourself this, “How many certifications does Volkswagen have? How many systems, procedures and document-mountains must the company use to produce its cars?” I’ve got a picture in my head of a lot of framed certificates hanging on many gilded walls. How many hundreds of millions, billions even, of dollars, euros, francs, pesos, etc. has the company paid auditors to check that all is OK?