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Meg and Gab, Gab and Meg - Walk Sew Good

Tales of sustainable fashion and what it means to be human. Meg and Gab are Walk Sew Good. They walked a swag of kilometres across 4 SE Asian countries to raise awareness of sustainable fashion. At the same time, they learned a lot about the wonders of humanity. Here's my Cooee! podcast with Gab and Meg, two champions of the human race. 


More often than not we’d just stand there next to each other, looking out to the mountain, saying nothing. Mick said to me once “You love that mountain, don’t you?” and I responded with a “Yep” but in truth, I wondered whether I loved the mountain as much as I loved coming to chat with Mick.

Past Post Highlights

I am in no way a prolific writer but among the increasing number of things I’ve written, I look back on a few posts and think, “Yep, I like that post, it’s who I am; it’s what I truly believe.”