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Love in the time of a Greenpeace campaign

More beating, more shaming, more wars only create more brokenness in the world, more wastelands as people bunker down in their corners. We need to invite people into the light, to a place that's safe, beyond right and wrong as Rumi so beautifully put it, to the field where we might actually find a path to life.

Luca's Stories

Do you love the night because it is beautiful? Do you love the night because of the things you can see? Do you love the night because of how fun it is, or do you love the night because you are with me?

Meg and Gab, Gab and Meg - Walk Sew Good

Tales of sustainable fashion and what it means to be human. Meg and Gab are Walk Sew Good. They walked a swag of kilometres across 4 SE Asian countries to raise awareness of sustainable fashion. At the same time, they learned a lot about the wonders of humanity. Here's my Cooee! podcast with Gab and Meg, two champions of the human race.