Embarking on a Big Walk to help stop men dying too young

Embarking on a Big Walk to help stop men dying too young

My Big Walk is just a little around the bend....

Early next Sunday morning (Aug 5th), in the first light as the wee birds sing their welcome to the day, I’ll head off on foot from Dielsdorf, a small town near Zurich, with two good mates in an attempt to walk the full 320km of Switzerland’s National Route 5.

NR5 is called the “Jura Crest” and as the name suggests, it traverses the Jura mountain range from Zurich all the way to Nyon train station, just near my TFT office. With a total ascent/descent of 14,000m, it normally takes 13-15 days. We’re going to try to do it in 8. We want to explore our boundaries.

We’re doing it for Movember as part of our M184.life Challenge.

I recorded a Cooee! podcast with one of my walking buddies - Scott Williams - and I’ve posted it here. Scott runs marathons and ultra marathons and here he talks about his life and philosophy and gives all the background and thinking behind M184.life. It’s 40 mins but do give it a listen if you can.

It would give me great strength and inspiration to know that you were walking with me. It doesn’t have to be far, just 100m, just around the block. If you want to go further, terrific!! As I walk each day, I would find great joy in seeing your comments here telling me about a walk you did that day. A lunchtime break with friends and colleagues, a morning or evening walk or run with family, friends or on your own.

There’s every chance I’ll not get to the end of this walk, it just might be too epic, but if you walk with me, I think I have a better chance.

And...if you wanted to donate to the Movember cause - we have to work to stop men dying too young ALL year, not just in November - here's the link to our Mo Space.

Thanks for your support, your inspiration and do listen to the podcast if you can.



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