My Patreon journey begins

The first of 26 short stories from my “Magical Appearance of Earthworms’ series has gone live on Patreon today. It’s a big moment for me. I've received wonderful feedback from family, friends and colleagues and an editor in Australia told me she enjoyed the stories very much. I hope you do too.

When I walk

When I walk in Nature, the beauty, the smells, the sights and the sounds magnify my feelings ten-fold. I am home again and the joy of my return opens possibilities for thoughtful reflection I might otherwise have lost under mountainous concerns pushed up where the plates of life and work converge.

A Preface!

Could more of us choose to be a humble earthworm, a life giving stone, a goat herder, to be a healer and a protector, to seek a way to bring life back to desolate places, to the desolate relationship between humans and Nature? 

The Magical Appearance of Earthworms

At the end of 2015, two TFT colleagues and good friends, Julien Troussier and Sylvain Renou said, "Right, now it's time to write the TFT story!" We'd been discussing this book project for years but the time seemed right to embark. And so I did...