Earthworm Reflection #1

We’re all rather busy these days and pausing for a moment to reflect or to ensure we’re aligned with our values is becoming all too rare. At Earthworm, we’re looking to change this. If we can, we think we can supercharge change processes.

Next Victim Please

What's your dream? What's your favourite colour? And why do so many TFT India people come from Maharashtra State? Learn more about the hardy souls working to help people and plant trees in rural India.

Stone Voices

In the deepest, darkest, mostly unseen recesses of global stone supply chains, some of the world’s poorest people are striving, with help from local NGOs, to educate their kids and improve their lives. So far, we in the West aren’t doing enough to help them.

Podcast: Reconnecting in a Hypernormal world

In a new BBC documentary [Hypernormalisation], Adam Curtis looks back to the 1970s to chart a course to today, where nothing seems certain and our political leaders strive above all else for stability in a world they no longer control.

Where might we go? What’s next? My fellow Earthworm Founder Julien Troussier watched Curtis’ documentary recently and we spoke about it over lunch.