With Lorinda Jane of Palm Oil Investigations

I think Lorinda is terrific because of not only what she’s achieved with Palm Oil Investigations but because of the way she’s gone about it, the way she started. I’m big on Values and Lorinda jumped into the crowded and sometimes unpleasant NGO Orangutan conservation space with both feet and a commitment to make a difference. I believe she has.

The Limits of Shame: Time to shower with your enemy?

Might NGOs more effectively engage with senior managers, CEOs and Board Chairs? I’ve seen time after time the power of relationships based on trust. Achieve trust and watch change explode, perhaps still not as quickly as we need given the mess we’re in but certainly much faster than relationships built on shame. Time to build bigger showers.

What will I do with this life of mine?

Today is the Winter solstice and we have a rare full moon awaiting us on Christmas day. 2016 lies beyond so it's not a bad time to reflect on the year past. More importantly, it's time to ponder the decades ahead. Our (in)action today will frame the nature of the world we and our fellow species inhabit in the future.

And then there was Jeremy Goon

It was very easy chatting with Jeremy. When people are open and ready to discuss challenging issues with disarming honesty, chats flow. Like my discussion with Jesslyne Widjaja, after talking with Jeremy I was left hopeful for the future. We do need a strong, viable palm oil industry but we urgently need it to deal wholeheartedly with the sustainability issues embedded in its way of working over the last 30 years.

Volkswagen’s ‘Independent’ Auditor Shame

Ask yourself this, “How many certifications does Volkswagen have? How many systems, procedures and document-mountains must the company use to produce its cars?” I’ve got a picture in my head of a lot of framed certificates hanging on many gilded walls. How many hundreds of millions, billions even, of dollars, euros, francs, pesos, etc. has the company paid auditors to check that all is OK?

Willoughby Park Flowers in Bloom

I wrote recently about Barrie Oldfield, one of my heroes. Barrie is one of those people who believes that everyone can do something and he’s spent his long life doing things to make things better, to bring change and to help people. He’s an inspiration and I love him very much.

The No Deforestation Blame Game

Couldn't we have a more mature dialogue between companies and NGOs, encouraged by the reporters that tell their stories, where we get as much information and data as we can before we jump to judgment? Where we take people at their word that they are in fact serious about implementing their policies based on their fundamental values and beliefs? If we can, we might stand a chance of getting the better of these massive, wicked problems.